Divinity Library
2010-2011 Fiscal Year
Volume and Title Count Metrics
Volumes held (as of June 30 reporting year)401,881
Volumes held (on June 30 previous year)398,309
Volumes Added (Net)3,572
Volumes Added (Gross)3,572
Serial Volumes Added692
Other Materials
Microform Units44,313
Computer Files94
Audiovisual Materials
Audio Materials17
Film and Video Materials14
Current Serials$59,018
Miscellaneous Expenditures$1,000
Total Library Materials (calculated field)$299,670
Salaries & Wages Professional Staff$198,760
Salaries & Wages Support Staff$77,265
Salaries & Wages Student Assistants$11,776
Total Salaries & Wages$287,801
Other Operating Expenditures$20,843
Total Library Expenditures$608,314
One-time electronic resource purchases$8,978
Ongoing electronic resource purchases$37,987
Total Electronic Materials Expenditures$50,197.00
Computer Hardware and Software$3,232
Professional Staff (FTE)3.00
Support Staff (FTE)2.00
Student Assistants (FTE)1.00
Total Staff (FTE)6.00
Initial Circulation Transactions (excluding reserves)46,695
Total Circulation Transactions (initial and renewals, excluding reserves)64,500
Reference Transactions (Total, ARL method)1,766
Total Reference to Individuals1,484
Total Consultations to Individuals282
Staffed Service Points2
Weekly Public Service Hours85
Presentations to Groups32
Participants in Group Presentations355