Duke Medical Center Library Statistics
2010-2011 Fiscal Year
Volume and Title Count Metrics
Volumes held (as of June 30 reporting year)249,024
Volumes held (on June 30 previous year)248,383
Volumes Added (Net)641
Volumes Added (Gross)875
Volumes withdrawn since June 30 previous year (0 or neg #)-234
Titles Held74,841
Number of monographic volumes purchased186
Volumes held in the LSC137,572
Serial Volumes Added261
Current Serials Total5,914
Electronic (deduplicated)1,043
Print (and other non-electronic format) serials purchased26
Serials Purchased1,069
Freely accessible4,843
Print (and other format) - Exchanges, gifts, etc.2
Serials Not Purchased4,845
Other Materials
Microform Units193
Computer Files60,992
Manuscripts and Archives (linear ft.)13,367
Cartographic Materials93
Graphic Materials598,613
Audiovisual Materials
Audio Materials1,279
Film and Video Materials3,669
Current Serials$1,500,083
Other Library Materials$69,307
Miscellaneous Expenditures$260,314
Total Library Materials (calculated field)$1,852,080
Contract Binding$2,126
Salaries & Wages Professional Staff$1,043,388
Salaries & Wages Support Staff$364,685
Total Salaries & Wages$1,408,073
Other Operating Expenditures$452,392
Total Library Expenditures$3,714,671
Ongoing electronic resource purchases$1,449,368
Total Electronic Materials Expenditures$1,601,812.00
From internal library sources$81,876
Bibliographic Utilities, Networks, and Consortia (internal and external)$81,876
Computer Hardware and Software$69,091
Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan$1,477
Professional Staff (FTE)18.00
Support Staff (FTE)8.00
Total Staff (FTE)26.00
Initial Circulation Transactions (excluding reserves)11,567
Total Circulation Transactions (initial and renewals, excluding reserves)14,811
Non-Returnable loans8,062
Total Items Loaned (ILL)8,062
Returnable Received120
Non-Returnable Received1,325
Total Items Borrowed (ILL)1,445
Reference Transactions (Total, ARL method)9,302
Staffed Service Points2
Weekly Public Service Hours50
Presentations to Groups133
Participants in Group Presentations4,393
Volume and Title Count Metrics
Adjusted volume count, prior year248,383