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Counting Opinions provides organizations with innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective ways to capture, manage and measure performance data, including open-ended customer feedback, qualitative and quantitative data, trends, benchmarks, outcomes and peer comparisons.

Counting Opinions web-based solutions:

  • Are delivered in real-time and provide organizations with valid, immediate, 24x7x365 results.
  • Include powerful "click-only" reports that clearly identify actionable opportunities for improvement.
  • Are fully hosted in a secure professionally managed facility, require minimal or no IT involvement and work across all browsers and platforms.

Located in Toronto Canada, Counting Opinions has been serving the library community since 2004.

LibPAS is a unique and comprehensive performance data management solution for libraries (academic, public, special, states/provinces, library consortia).

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines the data capture process which saves time and reduces staff burden.
  • Displays the data in easy to read report outputs which include tables, graphs, trends, ranking and many other click-only reports.
  • Easy to generate reports which help in identifying strengths and weaknesses of the library, informing decision making, community ROI studies, and demonstrating outcomes to key stakeholders.
  • Consolidate data into one platform to reduce redundancy, improve consistency, and facilitate sharing between data sets.

LibSat is the first continuous Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution specifically developed for academic and public libraries.

Key Benefits:

  • Using LibSat’s continuous feedback and monitoring capabilities, you can measure shifts in satisfaction, quality, use, importance, referral rates and expectations.
  • LibSat automatically collects, processes and presents your customer data the way you want, continuously, on-demand, in real-time and directly to who needs it – YOU!
  • Inform decision making and measure impact of initiatives.
  • LibSat data provides credibility to budget presentations and improved governance.

InformsUs is a web-based tool for the development and implementation of custom forms and surveys. InformsUs is an extension of and fully integrates with our existing library solutions, LibPAS and LibPAS.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use drag and drop survey creation and optional automatic email responses and notifications streamline the process and saves time.
  • Enables transactional data capture and integration with LibPAS to compile and analyze summary data.
  • Collect feedback forms, survey, and app data on one platform.

The RC App is a flexible online solution for the management of traditional public library summer reading clubs, as well as other reading programs throughout the rest of the year. It consists of both a customizable registration interface to streamline the labor- intensive sign-up process, as well as a customizable participant tracking component for logging reading and other activities to enhance the user experience.

“Eliminating the manual process of registration and tracking, reduced our workload and enabled staff to focus on relationship development which helped to increase participation (+70%) and reduce drop-out rates usually experienced through the summer.” – Markham PL (ON)

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces staff administrative workload at registration and for results reporting.
  • Enables an unlimited number of reading clubs to be customized and managed, saving money by consolidating services.
  • Embed Registration and Activity Tracking forms seamlessly into Library’s website, and employ custom images and graphics for avatars and achievement badges to provide a seamless and custom experience for your patrons.
  • Register multiple participants under one account for teachers/parents/daycare providers, etc.
  • Integrate with ILS, e.g. pre-populate Registration fields with cardholder data.
  • Includes end of Summer Outcomes survey for parents/caregivers.
  • Complete security and authentication for library staff access to Reading Club data.

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